Traits, uses and flavors Our Seaweeds

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The Sea Lettuce

Sea lettuce, with a beautiful apple green color, sometimes darker, is a very good source of vitamins and minerals. It also provides polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 and omega-6 series, in very favorable proportions.

It is rich in calcium, vitamins A and C, iron and magnesium. It contains sulfated polysaccharides with antiviral, antioxidant properties and lowers excess cholesterol.

Without doubt, sea lettuce is an energizing seaweed. 8 more than the orange, which gives it this little agrumatic side, the sea taste is discreet and closer to earth vegetables such as sorrel, spinach.

Coriace in the fresh state, it is used prepared and rehydrated, raw in salad or sprinkled on food. It is tasty in omelet soup, to wrap your cooking ...