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The Ocean is our future, let's protect it together

This very young civil society of agricultural exploitation (SCEA) is the only one authorized by the departmental direction of the territories and the sea (DDTM) for the sampling, the harvest and the exploitation of the algae in the department *.

The directors of Algorythme, Hélène Jouannet and Tanguy Gauvin, are not from the agricultural professional milieu, but by their common conscience they have come to value their work while looking for sustainable activity for themselves and future generations.

The Algorythme company is part of a modern ideology. It is a human-sized and eco-responsible company, that is to say an economic structure that minimizes its impact on the environment. In perfect harmony with the challenges of sustainable development, from the capture of algae to the mode of distribution (collection, washing, dehydration, packaging and labeling on site) the complete chain is carried out in short circuit.

Its stakeholders knew how to surround themselves with advisers advised and a follow-up with a professional laboratory: the Center of study and valorization of the seaweed (CEVA) to set up a rigorous management guaranteeing longevity for their company . In addition, they are committed to marketing products of optimal quality by observing a strict code of ethics.