Traits, uses and flavors Our Seaweeds

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The Aonori

The Aonori has long, thin leaves forming green bunches, and is rich in vitamins,

particularly vitamin A, B12 and C.

Its high calcium content must also be emphasized (6 fpos more than milk), along

with its high percentage of magnesium, lithium, iron (30 times more than spinach),

and a rich amount of fiber. Furthermore, the Aonori has pancreatic enzymes, which

burn about 80% of excess body fat.

It strengthens the body, boosts the immune system and activates the elimination

of toxins. Therefore, the Aonori is undoubtedly the best seaweed for individuals

looking to lose excess weight.

With its sweet and iodized flavor, this seaweed is commonly used in Japan as a

condiment, a little like parsley at home! It is mainly used raw in salads or sprinkled on

top of food.