Traits, uses and flavors Our Seaweeds

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The Fucus are dark olive brown algae, they form dense tufts of up to 1m long.

They are already well known in baths and have been known for their benefits for

thousands of years: they relieve some illnesses such as joint pain, obesity, skin

problems, respiratory problems and even assist in weight loss! You only need to look

at the Asian morphology to understand its powerful effect!

These algae are rich in vitamin B1., C, D, Z, E, as well as a long list of trace

elements, copper, chromium, zinc, selenium, iron, manganese, cobalt, nickel, boron

titanium. Furthermore, Fucus are exceptionally rich in fibre and with their high

iodine content, they act as a "fat burner". They are widely used as laxatives and as

natural appetite suppressant.

They have a very pronounced iodine flavour, which can make it unpleasant for some

individuals. In a sprinkle form, they can be used as a condiment, more like pepper.

Otherwise, they are used in powder form in your bathroom, home spa, or in soaps.

However, it is important to note that these algae are not recommended for

individuals suffering from thyroid problems.