Traits, uses and flavors Our Seaweeds

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The Fucus are dark olive brown algae, they form dense tufts up to 1m long.

They are already well known in the baths, for millennia for their benefits: to relieve good numbers of ailments, from joint pain to obesity, skin problems, respiratory problems to the accompaniment to the loss of weight! ..also ! Look at the Asian morphology!

These algae are extremely rich in vitamin B1., C, D, Z, E, as well as its long list of trace elements, copper, chromium, zinc, selerium, iron, manganese, colbalt, nickel, boron titanium. And so as if that was not enough, Fucus are rich in fiber. With their high iodine content, they act as a "fat burner". They are widely used as a laxative, and as a natural hunger cutter.

They have a very pronounced flavor in iodine, which can make it more difficult in the mouth. In straw, it can be likened to a condiment, more of the order of a berry, a pepper. And if not powder, in your bathroom, spa at home, in soaps ...

Exceptionally, it is an alga, however, which is not recommended for people with thyroid problems.